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01. Dec 07

Ideas That Can Change Your Life Blog

James Skinner has posted a series of really useful entries on on investment strategies. Figure out whether or not you should invest in a friend’s business.

26. Nov 07

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Author James Skinner

James Skinner has several articles on a variety of topics from business and money to self help. See the list available at

09. Nov 07

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Helpful Articles by Author James Skinner

There are many helpful articles available by James Skinner on The topics include motivation and stress management. Read at

23. Oct 07

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Get More Done by Doing Less from James Skinner

The ebook “Dropping the Ball” is the secret to time management used by all successful people in history. Most people believe that the secret to time management is doing more things in less time. Thi...

12. Oct 07

Building Your Character, Understand What It Means ...

Does your character just happen? Or is it purposeful? Do you have any control over it? Or is it innate, already inside you? Think about the people of high character you admire. Did they purposefu...

06. Oct 07

Building Your Success Plan – How to Plan for the ...

“Building Your Success Plan” is your road map to a successful life. It will show you how to plan it, see it, build it. It is just one of the 101 ebooks available by authors Mark Victor Hansen, Jam...

29. Sep 07

James Skinner - Author from IdeasThatCanChangeYour...

James Skinner is the founder of two global financial groups that manage billions of dollars of assets. He is also recognized as one of the world’s foremost business thinkers and appears regularly on ...


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